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Mobile Check Deposit


The Mobile Deposit feature allows you to deposit a check through the Town & Country Bank (TCBT) Mobile Banking App, as long as you have access to a data connection on your mobile device (smartphones).

Mobile Deposit is easy to use and convenient. 

• Deposit checks directly into your eligible account using your Android, Apple® mobile device or Windows Phone. 

The following endorsement must be written on the back of the check for your mobile check deposit to be accepted: For Mobile Deposit only to my TCBT Bank Account

• Take photos of the front and back of your check and submit. It’s that easy. 

• Get confirmation on your device and by email for each successful deposit. 

• Save time with fewer trips to the local branch.

Can I use the Mobile Deposit service?

If you are already enrolled and using the Mobile App, you will see a new feature under the menu options called “Check Deposit.” Once you click on the “Check Deposit” option, the system will walk you through each step.

You must have a Checking, Savings, or Money Market account that has been open for at least 30 days, has an average balance of $100.00 and has not been overdrawn more than 10 days in a three-month timeframe. If you do not meet the above criteria, you will not be eligible to use the Mobile Deposit service. 

Each customer has a transaction and/or daily limit of $5,000.00 and a deposit item count of 10 items per day. 

The Mobile Deposit cut-off time will be 3:00 p.m. (EST) Monday – Friday. Any deposit made after 3:00 p.m. will be processed on the following business day.

How to Enroll

Online Banking (OLB) 

You must be enrolled in the OLB system to be able to enroll in Mobile Banking services. You can either self-enroll for online banking, or you can stop by any of our branches and fill out an OLB Enrollment form.

You will need to enroll your mobile phone number through the OLB system. Once you have logged in to OLB successfully, hover over the “Administration” tab option on the top toolbar, then choose the “Mobile Banking” option from the drop down menu. Once you are on the Mobile Banking page, you will need to “Enroll your mobile device.” You will need to add the cellphone number of the phone you want to download the app to and also select your cellphone carrier from the drop down menu. 

Mobile App 

Once you have enrolled, you can go to your mobile device and download the app from the App Store® or Google Play™ store for FREE. After you have successfully installed the app, your Mobile App username and password will be the same as your OLB username and password.

App Store Badge opens in a new window    Google Play Badge opens in a new window

Making a Deposit

Use the following steps to submit a check deposit via your mobile device:

  1. Screen Shot of AppAfter launching the TCBT Mobile App, select Check Deposit in the global navigation menu. 

    The application will take a moment to load the Mobile Deposit functionality. you will see the pinwheel icon spinning along indicating that the application is “updating”.

  2. Screen Shot of App. Check Deposit Page.Check Deposit.

    The Check Deposit screen presents guidelines for making deposits by default. You have two options: 

    • Deposit: Allows you to enter new checks for deposit
    • Recent: Allows you to get a history or deposits that you have made in the past. 

    Select Deposit Check to continue the process of making a deposit.

  3. Screen Shot of App. Deposit Check page.Deposit Check. 

  4. The Deposit Check screen has five options: 

    • Front: Allows you to capture an image of the front of your check.
    • Back: Allows you to capture an image of the back of your check.
    • Amount: Allows you to enter the amount of the check that you are depositing.
    • Deposit To: Allows you to choose the account to receive the deposit.
    • Email Receipt To: Allows you to choose an email address where a receipt of the deposit will be sent. 

    Select Front to capture an image of the front of the check.

  5. Screen Shot of app. Use camera to capture check.The device camera launches within the Mobile Banking app. Corner icons are displayed so that you can align the check within the available boundaries. 

  6. The camera has a few icons to help at this step:

    • A camera icon takes the picture to capture the image.
    • An X icon cancels the image capture. 
    • An info icon shows instructions on how to capture the check image

    For best results, the check should be placed on a dark background. All four corners of the check must also fit within the boundary indicated by the app. 

    Select the camera icon to take the picture of the check.

  7. Accept or go back and attempt another capture.  

  8. After capturing the image, the camera icon changes to an image of a check mark. Select the check mark button to accept the photo and save the check image. 

    On the left, the X changes to a red button with a circular arrow allowing you to go back and attempt another capture if necessary.

  9. Screen shot of App. Front is complete.Deposit Check 

  10. Select Back to capture the endorsed side of the check.

  11. Screen Shot of app. Use camera to capture back of check.Again, the device camera launches within the Mobile Banking app. Corner icons are displayed so that you can align the check within the available boundaries.

  12. Note: The check itself should be endorsed before the image is captured. Checks should be endorsed as: 

    For Deposit Only to my TCBT Bank Account 

    Select the camera icon to take the picture of the check.

  13. Accept or go back and attempt another capture. 

  14. Select the check mark button to accept the photo and save the check image. 

  15. Screen Shot of app. Back is done. Deposit Check 

  16. Select Amount to enter the dollar amount of the check deposit.

  17. Screen Shot of app. Amount Screen.A number pad launches within the app. 

  18. Enter the dollar amount of the deposit exactly as it appears on the check including dollars and cents. 

    When complete, select Done to store the amount of the check being deposited.

  19. Screen Shot of app. Amount complete. Deposit Check

  20. Select the Deposit To field in order to select the account into which the funds will be placed.

  21. Screen Shot of app. Deposit To screen. List of eligible accounts. 

  22. Select the account to receive the deposit from the list of eligible accounts. 

    If the account that you wish to use for this deposit does not appear in the list, contact the Customer Resource Center at 502-348-3911 to ensure that the account meets eligibility requirements, is available for viewing in online and mobile banking, and has been sent to the Mobile Deposit system as an available account.

  23. Screen shot of app. Enter email address. Deposit Check 

    Enter an email address for a receipt of the deposit. The last used email address will prefill if you have completed a deposit before via either the phone or tablet application. 

  24. Screen Shot of app. Email Continue is not grayed out. Deposit Check

    Now that all the fields are completed, you should see the front and back image of the check, along with the amount, account to accept the deposit, and the email where they would like a receipt delivered. 

    Select Continue to continue the process of making a deposit. 

  26. Screen Shot of app. Screen darkens. Uploading Deposit information

  27. The screen will darken and a pinwheel icon may display while the Deposit information is uploading and verified. You might be be asked to o resupply any pieces of information that are not included or accepted before you continue. 


  28. Screen Shot of app. Approve Deposit Screen. Approve Deposit 

  29. If you need to make an changes, you can select Edit in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

    You can still cancel the deposit at this time by selecting the Cancel button. 

    Select Approve to approve and continue.

  30. Screen Shot of app. Deposit Complete page.Deposit Complete  

  31. Selecting Back to Check Deposit returns you to the initial RDC screen where you can choose to make a deposit or review deposit history.

Need Assistance?

Contact the TCBT Customer Resource Center at 502-348-3911 or 1-877-813-3282 if you have any questions or need assistance getting set up with the Online Banking, Mobile App or Mobile Deposit systems.


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